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A New Paradigm of Conscious Entrepreneurship Has Arrived and Your Skills Are Needed in the World NOW!
How will you feel when every concern, fear, or worry you have about your marketing, business strategy, and your ability to attract ideal clients is GONE?


Breathe it in and take a moment to reflect ...

How does this possibility make you FEEL?

How much energy will be opened up when all of this worry is gone?

Gifted, Sensitive, Talented Soul ...

I see YOU.

I know where you are and how you feel right now. 
You're ready to shine, to empower, to coach and teach, to speak to many.

You are full of so much energy, life, and light but your message isn't reaching the right people and your ideal clients aren't flowing in.
  •  help as many people as possible
  •  live the life you've always visioned
  •  never worry about making enough money again
  •  have plenty of free time and flexible working hours
  •  travel to beautiful places all over the world
  •  experience ease, flow, and creativity
  •  have a balanced work and family life
  •  align your offers with your gifts
  •  have tools to attract and help more clients
  •  have a successful productive business with clients, impact, and consistent cash flow
  •  lurking around Facebook, signing up for webinars, ordering books and creating distractions
  •  worrying about being seen as fake, false, or as a fraud
  •  constantly fearing rejection
  •  feeling stressed and guilty when you take time off
  •  secretly feeling that your money goals, beyond 5K & 10K months, are greedy
  •  worrying about not making enough money
  •  worrying about not ever being able to pay off debt
  •  living paycheck to paycheck or deposit to deposit
  •  fearing that you'll never be good enough
  •  wanting to know HOW you can solve your ideal clients' pain points with your programs and offers
Imagine waking up every day, feeling excited about your life and business. Before even getting out of bed, you feel gratitude for the amazing clients you are supporting, for the members of your group programs, and for the lifestyle you've created for yourself. 

Your business is supporting you, steady income is flowing in each month, and there is more than enough money to travel and experience the beautiful planet that you live on. 

Having your thriving business isn't about having more "stuff..." It's about giving back to the world and making an impact in the lives of everyone you touch. 

You feel supported and alive, like never before! 

You feel excitement for the potential that lies ahead for every client that you work with. 

You feel more grounded, trusting, and in the flow than ever before.
Support from a coach and mentor who understands you and the depth of your work.
A new circle of friends who care about the same things you do!
Alignment with your Soulful Superpowers and infinite Source connection.
Confidence to speak your truth and present your services to those who need you.
Being fully recognized, heard, and seen for your gifts and abilities that you contribute to the world.
A deep state of trust and knowing that you are taking the RIGHT business actions, in the right order, at the right times.
Freedom from stress over what experts say you "should" be doing.
Total crystal clarity of WHO your ideal client is.
A clear title and elevator pitch that you can use to simply state what you do, without sounding ungrounded or overly woo-woo.
A complete shift in your karma, leading you to attract opportunities and situations that match your high-frequency vibe.
Being seen as an expert and getting paid for your expertise.
Infinite knowing that the Universe is supporting you and your business!
Stepping out of your comfort zone with ease and being received with love.
Discovering joy in the creative process and finding excitement in taking time offline to create.
Allowing your synchronicities, miracles, and inspirations to guide your actions so that you can grow your biz to unprecedented heights.
Skyrocketing the level of transformation you bring into your clients' lives.
Spending time offline while knowing that new and current clients are connecting with your business, message, and mission.
Waking up to an inbox with sales receipts and money in your bank account.
Running a business that allows you to travel whenever to want to wherever you desire.
8  Weekly Modules Taught Live
Each call begins with powerful energy work, taking you to new levels of potential. 
You will be inspired, guided, and coached to move your life & business into alignment!
Membership Site
Your membership site is the hub where all resources, support materials, and call replays will be stored. You'll have ongoing access to the membership site!
24-7 access to your private FB community where you can interact with other high frequency biz owners, receive feedback on your work, and practice your Facebook live strategy.
Live Weekly Q&A Office Hours
Live in the FB group every Thursday for 10 weeks, answering your questions & supporting you through each step of the program! The Q&A thread will be posted in advance each week.
You'll Also Receive!
  •  Soul-Aligned Branding Course 2.0 {VALUE: $197 + increase client acquisition & retention}
  •  Automatic Attraction Systems Training {VALUE: $197 + increase in engagement & $ale$}
  •  Done for You Templates and Swipe Files {Valued at $97 each}
  •  10 Full Weeks of High-Level Support {VALUE: $2,500 + 60 hours of saved time}
Your Investment
$1,111 Pay-in-full ($221 Savings)
6x bi-weekly payments of $222
What About the BONUSES ???
  •  Infinitely Empowered Prayer Book and Audio Book {$97 Value}
  •  Orientation Module with Power Animal Blessings {$97 Value}
  •  Quantum Money Healing Live Call & Replay - Opening to Infinitely Receive Wealth At All Levels {$197 Value}

30-Minute Akashic Empowerment Reading
During this live reading, Celia will access your Akashic records and provide you with guidance and direction for one specific intention you are currently seeking to manifest.
Millionaire Mindset Meditation and Mantras
Tune into the habits of millionaires with this exclusive meditation and mantra set that you won't find anywhere else. You will shift your entire approach after one listen!
I've spent hundreds of hours working with coaches & mentors, taking marketing courses, learning from freedom-lifestyle gurus, and working with team members to perfect an online business strategy that balances the spiritual principle of energetic alignment with offer creation, pricing and marketing strategy. 
I've successfully run my own 2K, 10K, 15K, 20K, and 30K launches and support my private clients in doubling and tripling their monthly income!
Celia Faye Meisel is a Mindset + Marketing Coach, and Akashic Empowerment Expert for high-frequency biz owners who are ready to make a positively powerful impact on the planet NOW and for future generations to come.

With over a decade of entrepreneurial experience and thousands of hours invested as a teacher, coach, and guide, she has supported business owners of all levels to refine their offers, marketing strategy, and shift their approach to create more sustaiability and freedom within their businesses.

She knows and believes that energetic alignment and a deep connection to your Soul, combined with transformational offers and compelling marketing is the ultimate way to run a successul and profitable business.
  •  You can’t wait any longer to amplify your gifts! You are ready for the instant impact and transformation that comes with having an aligned business.
  •  You are ready to do the work, get your strategy and systems in place, and reap the rewards!
  •  You are ready to get laser focused and serious about achieving your business goals.
  •  You are feeling overwhelmed by all of the options online and seek relief so that you can create a sustainable change in your business strategy.
  •  You want to get crystal clear on your ideal client and start marketing to potenital clients consistently.

  •  You want to build a business using free content, free opt-ins, and free live streams, piecing together parts of other people’s message in hope that you will start making sales.
  •  You only believe in manifesting and expect clients to come to you because you sit and scroll Facebook all day.
  •  You complain, whine, and gossip about your coaches rather than putting in the time and effort necessary to achieve your goals.
  •  You are looking for a quick fix and have an unrealistic understanding of what you are aligned to receive.
Heather Barton Zeigler
Since working with Celia, I’ve had my highest grossing income month ever and I’ve developed a group coaching program WHICH IS MY PURPOSE. I’ve created an annual renewal membership offer to my online training course and I’ve seen unseasonably high commission checks from both my direct sales businesses. I’ve emailed my list successfully selling 4 courses in about 18 hours and I have established great mindfulness, intention setting and business based prayer routines.

Celia has left a thumbprint on my journey and introduced me to new heights!

Celia will change your life and you will never look back again!

My message is crystal clear now and I have worked through a money story that was holding me back from standing in my true power. 

My business, marketing and strategies have progressed to another level.  

Celia is so much more than a coach, she is a extremely special lady, who has always gone up and above for me to get results. She has supported me through very difficult times and I am forever grateful. I highly recommend working with Celia.   

Kory Cacciolfi
I am in Celia’s program and she taught me an “Ideal Client Attraction Method” that guided me to connect into the energy of my ideal client. 

I did what she said, I followed all the prompts, did the work, and 3 hours later, 

I’ve grown so much professionally and as a person since working with Celia! 
Her guidance has been exactly what I needed to take action in my life and business. She was there with me, helping me weigh my decisions, pointing me in the right direction, helping me to think more clearly about what I want and guiding me to dream bigger than I had been. 

I now have the confidence to work toward my goals without any hesitations. She taught me to listen to my intuition and live a life aligned with what I truly want for myself. She also helped me develop systems and processes for managing projects and clients - something I desperately needed help with!

If within the first 7-days of purchase, if you do not feel satisfied with the level of service being provided, you may request a refund. All refund requests must be made within 7 days of purchase. After you complete your purchase, you will immediately be given access to the Membership Site and Private Group. No refunds will be given after the seven-day refund period, and you will remain responsible for any remaining outstanding payments due. 
Your 8-Modules, Taught LIVE:

  •  Module 1 - Soulful Superpowers: Unleash Your Uniqueness, Identify Your Soulful Superpowers, and Fully Know Your Gifts
  •  Module 2 - Karmic Completion: Complete Karmic Lessons to Fully Embody Your Purpose and Attract Your Deepest Desires
  •  Module 3 - Inner Impact: Find Your Inner Impact and Expand Into Abounding Universal Magic
  •  Module 4 - Profitable Purpose: Tackle Your Ideal Client’s Biggest Problems and Profit From Your Purpose
  •  Module 5 - Consistent Connection: Create An Energetic Connection that Consistently Attracts Your Ideal Clients 
  •  Module 6 - Marketing Maven: Tap Into Your Inner Marketing Maven and Reveal Your Expert Status Online
  •  Module 7 - Automatic Attraction: Leverage Your Energy to Automatically Attract Ideal Clients from Anywhere on the Planet
  •  Module 8 - Money Mastery: Master Your Money Habits and Create Infinite Wealth
Countdown until doors close on this live round, 
packed with special bonuses and first-class support!

We do have a limited number of spots available for a VIP upgrade that includes private coaching, please visit to apply for a consult with Celia and in question #5 of the application please mention that you are interested in a VIP upgrade for Shine Online. 

The Shine Online program is a group coaching opportunity. You will receive feedback and coaching from Celia weekly during the Q&A Thursday Office Hour and she will also comment on your posts and provide feedback within the private Facebook group.

Have students in Shine Online gotten results?
Absolutely! Celia's clients (and Celia herself) have created their highest income earning months using the tools taught in this program. Clients have gone from 1-2K months to 3K-4K, others have gone from 5K-6K to 10K, and 8K to 14K. Depending on where you are in your business, setting an attainable goal will assist you in getting the best resutls!
How does payment work?
If you sign up for pay-in-full the full program amount will be deducted one-time. If you sign up for the payment plan, your payment will automatically process at the time of check-out and two more times every 30-days.
How Far Along In My Business Do I need to Be to Get Results?
SHINE ONLINE is perfect for Soulful Startups AND Experienced Entrepreneurs. Because we do not do cookie-cutter, you are going to have a unique experience tailored to your own goals and needs. If you have already been working with private clients and have your onine biz basics setup, you are going to move more quickly through the content.
When an entrepreneur is ready to do the deep, creative work within himself or herself, no longer being satisfied with scratching the surface for what is possible, miracles begin to unfold. The gift that I bring to each person participating in Shine Online is that the path of miracles is YOUR unique path, a path that I can not predict nor will I attempt to predetermine for anyone. I will provide guidance, coaching, feedback, support, an aligned community, and a rock-solid program curriculum. 

Close your eyes and imagine the life that you truly desire … the life you envision is the life and business that Shine Online is here to support you with creating.
I hear you and recognize your frustration. As a highly sensitive, empathic, and intuitive individual your past choices may have led you to coaches and programs that were more intensity-based and focused on energies that don’t work for you. 

I have spent thousands of hours in my lifetime working with mentors, always reflecting on what I enjoyed from the experience and what I didn’t benefit from. This program is quite succinct in nature, because I find that my ideal clients can easily become overwhelmed with the to-dos of business. To succeed within Shine Online, throughout the program you will be guided and supported to shift your relationship with time as well as develop an ability to have patience, love yourself more, and as a result have so much more capacity for creativity and receiving!

When Do WE Start?
Once you sign up you will receive instant access to the FB Group and Membership site where the bonuses are waiting for you (yay!).

Do you have a question about how Shine Online can Support you? 
Click below and instantly reach us via messenger!
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